Monday, September 15, 2014

lucky 7

all caught up with block 7 on the marcus bros sew-along...only 2 more weeks and then a finish week, so this is very good.  i also have all my alphabet blocks done to date also.  what else have i done?  first thing this morning whipped up 2 double batches of corn fritters for the freezer, made lunch ahead of time too, and now i can sew!  **** sunny and cool here, temp 44 around 7 am, and yes, there was a freeze someplace in maine but not where we live near the ocean.  the ocean is our friend many times over when it comes to weather issues.  our veggie stand is overflowing with early autumn produce and it is annoying as we have no freezer space at all really.  next up are some pickles but that will be it, oh and maybe some stuffed peppers for the freezer too.  i love them and they are nice to have on hand.  ***  the week starts again today and retreat is getting closer.  my list is getting shorter and i am soo anxious to see my retreat pals again and have a week of endless fun! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

wouldn't you?

was out on a mini-shop hop yesterday with an internet friend and she took me to 2 new-to-me shops in her area.  both small, both out in the country, both with lovely fabric but that is where similarities stop.  this shop, BOLT, carries an eclectic collection of fabrics--batiks, mods, geometric, solids, blenders, all colorful, and no repros to be seen.  i saw many that i really liked.  the second, ANNIE'S, was chock full of repros, mostly civil war, plus wool, kim diehl colors,  shirtings, batiks and solids too. she also had lots of sale fabrics and these FQs were $1, a good deal in any quilter's book.  the blue print is 1.25 yards and will make a gorgeous border for something.  so, what would you have done here?  i thought so too. and just so this post isn't all about fabric, i've included my "B" alphabet block all done.  **** weekend is over and can list a UFO finish so all is good.  next up is marcus bros sew-along block and sunday brings another alphabet block.  the rest of the month is dedicated to finishing a donation quilt and end of summer chores.  the beach bag is repacked and ready for any beach days to come.  circadian rhythms reluctantly adjusting to shortening daylight and plans for veggie cooking for the freezer in full swing as growing season winds down. everyone is in full pumpkin mode waiting for the official start to autumn and me?  all this plus gearing up for retreat....42 days away!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

wallhanging finish

so here is the finish was working on this week....a pattern from the moda "cookbook" using fabrics from my stash.  not sure what will become of it now as we have no wall space for it, but might use it on the back of a chair during holiday season.  i started this about 7 years ago and it has been basted for at least 5 so good to get it completed.  it's a simple pattern and probably wouldn't have caught my eye now, since lately been doing things a bit more challenging.  even so, it is festive.  *** day one of my weekend draws to a close.  worked on the batik swap squares today, and now that the wallhanging is done can get back to the hawaiian.  feeling more and more like fall here in southern maine.  wishing snow would bypass us this year but that is, of course, sheer folly.  good thing cool temps make great sewing weather.  we took advantage of the chill and enjoyed clam chowder for supper today.  my current read is calling, so will close for today. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

this week's project - part 2

actually, this will probably be NEXT week's project, since this week a wallhanging needs a binding but remains to be seen.  my retreat gal pals will or SHOULD recognize this pattern from last year.  yes, i confess, haven't touched it since then but will remedy the situation very soon.  am planning on donating this quilt to bob's blankie brigade so it WILL be finished and riding with me to PA next month.  totally scrappy, the black outlining replaced with the gold, it will keep some deserving somebody warm in the cold days ahead, not to mention busting more stash as it's totally scrappy.  *** in the meantime, today is brought to you by the letter "B", the next little square in the sew-along.  as i look at the scrap baskets, realize i could probably make 3 alphabet quilts--at least--with what is on hand.  *** today is my friday, so ahead is a couple of cool days ideal for sewing and doing most anything.  aside from grocery shopping, hoping to do just locate those wool socks and fleece pants...yeah, it's gonna be THAT cool. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

scrappy sew along

i know, the marcus bros sew-along isn't finished yet (almost) and here is another!  the temecula quilt company is having an alphabet sew-along.  was going to pass on this one but the scrap baskets are staring me in the face here in the sewing cave and thought this would be an ideal project to bust at lease SOME of them....though i realize, not that many will actually disappear.  these blocks finish at 4" and the entire piece is less than 40" length or width.  so if you have lots of little scraps floating around (yes, i see those hands), then this might be a quick and beneficial sew-along.  mine is going to be super scrappy and might even have some kid-friendly prints.  no destination in mind for this finished wallhanging, but no doubt a situation will arise at some point that will be perfect for a sesame street primer.  ***  another chilly morning here in coastal maine, though the sun is shining brightly and we are eager for more of its warming rays.  household chores are done for at least a few days, so today is devoted to a few errands and some sewing, of course.  am closing in on another finish, a wallhanging that hasn't seen the light of day for eons, but should be off the list by week's end.  in the meantime....keep calm and quilt on!

Monday, September 8, 2014

this week's project...part 1

the deadline is looming to send in these blocks, so now that i've gotten my last blue batik, can sit down and get them all done in one fell swoop.  even though the finished blocks look more green than blue, in person they are a blue.  if you use batiks, you know how tricky it can be to define an actual color sometimes, but they have been approved by the swap hostess so they are good to go.   the green mat isn't helping either.  ***  had a lovely sunday picnicking at a local park where we grilled burgers and dogs and soaked up some sun and surf....a bit cool to swim for me but kids don't care and many were in the water.  i confess to a bad case of picnic envy.  our menu was grilled burgers and dogs, some fresh corn and sliced cukes/tomatoes....healthy and fresh and delish, right?  well, i was happy until a family arrived nearby grilling dogs and burgers, but also sausage, BBQ chicken, steak...the chicken smelled soooo good.  immediately i was green with BBQ envy, i wanted some. they also had salads, fruit, lemonade, some sort of cake...i vowed then and there we would return soon and bring some chicken....LOL!  *** a sunny monday here in maine, coolish but really nice.  now that my blog and yahoo group tasks are done, can go and tackle some household stuff.  then it'll be me and the old viking until early afternoon.  and what's for lunch?  why, leftover grilled burgers and dogs of course! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

over the hump....

with the completion of block 6 in the marcus bros. sew-along, closing in on the finish...only 4 weeks to go and will have completed this short-term project.  when it was started, it slipped my mind that i'd be busy getting ready for retreat but have to muddle along.  the blocks themselves don't take too much time, but doubt will have it quilted since i only hand quilt.  **** have put the hawaiian aside temporarily to finish up a wallhanging trying to bust more stash.  this month will also finish a donation UFO that should help.  between now and end of december, will finish at least one more bed size quilt i think.....the amish center diamond that only needs 3 border sides quilted and then bound.  still hoping to finish the applique on the hawaiian by year's end though. *** on the subject of busting stash, currently have added 132 yards this year and busted just about 53, so that is respectable progress i think.  trouble is, i know i will add to the pile on retreat....part of the fun don't ya know!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

non UFO finish...

the baby quilt is done and it's large enough for a toddler bed too...which is good.  the polka dot backing left enough for the binding AND enough for binding another quilt too, all cut and ready for whenever.  ***  first on today's list is the next block in the marcus bros sew-along.  our summery weather is leaving today so more time for sewing in the days to come.  next is to finish some swap blocks and a donation quilt.  **** with 49 days to retreat, plenty to do while enjoying early autumn weather before snow flies.  autumn is my favorite season of all, so happy that it's almost here!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

secret revealed!

yes, it is project #4 from the "daydreams" scraps....a little quilt made for my "sister swap" package that arrived today in sunny california at vicki's house!  you can hop on over to see a better photo and the other things i sent her from the rocky coast of maine.  across from marden's, which is around the corner from where i live is a specialty cook store, and i found the honey and chocolate bar there.  the postcards i had picked up when mom and i breakfasted in boothbay earlier this summer.  the fabric from marden's of course, and the thread came in the box i had won earlier this year.  the little quilt is a bit wrinkly, but i washed it and hate to put my quilts in the dryer feeling the heat is too harsh for the fibers.  she seems genuinely pleased with all the little gift items, but i liked them too so that is good all around. 

binding day

well, weekend is here once again and today's task is to bind the baby quilt.  it has returned to summer here in maine and the beach has beckoned, but today simply must finish this project.  *** retreat in 51days for me (i leave a day earlier for travel) and i've made my list of what needs to be done to get ready.  once this baby quilt is done, have to finish some swap squares and then a donation quilt is on tap.  i've also been working on the hawaiian still, but may have to put it aside briefly to finish a UFO.  i hope to get the basting done by the end of the year.  *** my portable project is now complete and i can pick up the dargate baskets once again.  that is a whenever project and gets done exactly then.  ***  so surprising that september is here already.  even tho our weather has been summery this week, it's temporary.  the veggie stand run yesterday included squashes galore and little pumpkins.  how did that happen so fast?  a batch of my green tomato pickles is on the september list, plus some corn fritters for the freezer.  they do taste like summer when thawed.  and chopped clams are in the freezer too, along with beef for stew, for upcoming cool days.  hoping frost holds off  to squeeze every moment out of fresh veggie season.  lastly, picked up more lobster yesterday while prices still low....and in celebration of turning 65, i finally tackled a raw was good!