Thursday, August 27, 2015

i took the pledge...

this sew along has exploded with now 1900+ enrollees, some of whom have jumped the gun and started their blocks...not me, and so i decided to commit and NOT start my blocks until it's time.  yes, i have fondled my book and CD, yes i have downloaded the patterns, yes i have my foundation papers at the ready, yes i have some mod fabrics set to go, but with things still in flux a bit, don't want to have another project in progress that might be waylaid somehow.  thinking positive thoughts that i WILL be in an apartment before this starts with ALL my stash at the meantime, will keep on keeping on until that wonderful day off for some birthday gallivanting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

done minus one

one more row of gold blocks to add and it'll be a real flimsy...course, going back to the instructions and adjusting the length of the rows really helped a lot.   the last row plus this week's stars in turkey red are next up on my sewing list.  after a quick trip to joann's for some fleece, will baste the little heart piece that will become a small wallhanging for my new sewing space; have some vintage buttons that'll be used for embellishment.  ***  our overcast and humid weather ends overnight with several days of real nice summer days ahead.  before we know it, though, leaves will start to turn and fall, ushering in the most colorful season.  can't wait to see those pumpkins!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

not quite but.....

a sort of birthday surprise arrived in the mailbox.  and yes, a new keyboard is working great!  no more lisp, as lori says....LOL....but here is the haul....gorgeous moda fabric named after me..a layer cake and some stripe yardage; 2 wonderful books that have my fingers itching big time, some precut charms and small squares, some ultra-thin pins for this not-thin-at-all sewist, and the beautiful card with a lovely personal message inside.  totally gobsmacked over this and other surprises that have done much to keep my mojo going and spirits up. 

the charms are deliciously mod and colorful.  the moda "grace" is very vintage looking; in fact, someone had gifted me a jelly roll that i sewed up into a small flimsy, but can use these to make it larger and put on a swanky striped border too!  the books are sooo inspiring with lots of wonderful and new-to-me patterns that have me wanting to sew right now and, in fact, have chosen a couple to do right away after some birthday celebrating of course!  a thousand thanks to one and all, including this special quilty muse, for everything.  rest assured, it will be repaid in kind.  ***  the ugh hazy, hot and humid days are with us temporarily but we carry on as usual. the wait continues but enjoying the garden's bounty and summer activities nevertheless.  *** and would you believe over 1800 people in the farmer's wife sew-along?  i kid you not, over 1800....this is an event of epic global proportion...if only world problems could be solved so easily with fabric and thread.  now there is a birthday wish to dream on!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

sunday creativity

first is the summer sam*ler in *rogress....*ardon the broken * is larger than i had thought because, of course, i ignored the math when starting this little summer sewing fun.  no matter, it will find a home somewhere with somebody; if it is me that is ok too.   this was a really fun summer *roject.  ho*ing to get it done before end of se*tember rolls around and the farmers wife sewalong starts.  as for the stars in a time war*, i ski**ed this weeks faded cottons and none i wanted to bleach out either. 

then, made some lemon zucchini bread.  it calls for a lemon glaze but it is too sweet glazed, so it wont be.  it is very moist and nice for midmorning snack or even a dessert-like cake.   these days i seldom bake a lot, but there are a few things i really like and this is one of them; regular zucchini bread--the s*icy kind--is another.  it was a monsoon-like day here today; in fact, it has been a rainy summer overall but end of week looks very nice.  maybe some birthday lobster is in my future?  remains to be any rate, birthday or not, am very blessed to have another year to claim!   now, on to monday!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

state of the stash

over at the stashbusters yahoo group, every year in one's birthday month, a report on the stash is made. mine is just a week away, can you believe it?   the annual report/confession/reckoning is SUPPOSED to reflect how much has been used and how diligent one is for actual stash busting....know what i mean?  since most of my stash isn't with me, thought i would show the stash that actually IS with me....

it's all packed up (except for some scraps and blocks) ready to be mailed once the housing call comes.  the car will be full and there is no room for these 5 boxes, so the USPO will do the a price of course.  most of this, well at least 2/3, was gifted to me so i could sew during my continuing sojourn in the desert; a bit was purchased by me....on sale of course...and some i brought just to have on hand.   when life gives you scraps, make quilts or potholders or table toppers or whatever... it's the right thing to do!  ***  it's a gray and humid day here but no snow, which is always good!  keep cool and quilt on!

Friday, August 14, 2015

must see 'mania'

although i purchase this magazine only occasionally for a specific quilt or pattern, this issue makes 2 in a row for me, primarily for this considering making this and thought the pattern should be on hand just in case...

this is leigh latimore's inspiration of an antique, which goes without saying.  it surely is gorgeous and it's big, which may prohibit me, but maybe not....but this issue has a whole lot more like this

it's more gorgeous applique (sigh) by veronique diligent, and in my stash is a collection of tuscany inspired fabrics that would be perfect.  might make only 4 or maybe all 9, but it too is gorgeous and not to be missed.  also in this issue of interest to me were profiles of some internationally known quiltmakers, irene blanck for one, an applique artist from australia who is going to be on my side of the pond this fall.  she has a book along with some lovely patterns.....check them out if you dare!   also in this issue is a simple but pretty scrappy, many more antiques and some interesting short articles.  one that caught my eye right away was about an exhibit on reunion island, and only last week i knew where that was....the malaysia plane wiing flap was found coincidental is that?   so, bottom line is if antique and applique are your interests, this issue should find its way into your sewing space.  NOTE: no connection whatsoever to this magazine or its publisher, just someone who enjoyed the offerings.  this issue probably won't change my buying habits at all--a bit pricier than most--but glad to have it in my inspiration pile. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

that's all folks?

could be....this week only had to make 3 of the 4 as somewhere along the line, had an 40 it is and they are sooo much fun....not that i've converted to making tiny blocks, but despite my trepidation, found these pretty easy and quite fun.  no, not perfect but (surprise) i'm not either....for those of you harboring any illusions to the contrary. some days more pharisee than christian, i'm afraid.  also this week, cutting out pieces for yet another scrappy, a civil war repro one of course, featured in the latest APQ's called daisy chain and it'll be totally scrappy, even the background pieces. 

and lastly, upcoming 5" swap of civil war repro squares are nearly ready to mail.  other than that, hoping my 40 years in the desert days are winding down and will soon find myself in an apartment oasis, together with my own sleeping bed and all my fun quilty stuff.  in the meantime, enjoying the summer and all its benefits....fresh vegs, beach days and lobster of course! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

up to date....

at least for the fabrics that are currently with me.....but it's progress nonetheless...first up are indigos...can't get enough of these dark blues...

next are the lapis blue least what i think is a lapis blue....had only the one so i made three different blocks....they'll do...

last are 2 viney prints and a snarled branches type to go with the quercitron from a few weeks ago....

anxious to see what other type prints are in store for the future...and the summer sampler blocks are just about complete, i think might have 2 more to make the 36 blocks.  this must mean that summer is nearly over but how can THAT be?  luckily have the farmer's wife sew-along in september; by then should have the summer sampler done (hopefully) and hope to baste and start quilting the little table topper made earlier this year.   the little heart piece is almost ready to baste as well, so may actually have some finishes before year's end here in temporary headquarters.  ***  fresh, wild, maine blueberries are in so a birthday pie could be in my near future....they are so good even out of hand, tiny and sweet....yum!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

for your consideration!

while cruising yesterday found gnome angel's blog and guess what!  sew along starts september 28th...i just happen to have the book  and so i'll be sewing along with others to make the 99 blocks....i'll be using my civil wars instead of 30s repros...aiming for 3 blocks per week maybe to get this done in less than a year....maybe i'll do plaids?  that's if my other stash is available by then....oh yes, plaids would be nice....hmm maybe scrappy?   or blues?  kaffe fassett....drool?  so many choices....won't you consider sewing along?  the more the merrier of course!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

next to last 4....

with this batch, only 4 blocks remain to make for this little summer project.   and yet again, the angle has distorted the the fan in the window that is blowing directly this way...but they are all the same size.  anxious to see this flimsy take shape and add it to the "to be quilted" pile.   ****  vic has sent me yet ANOTHER care package, this one containing a printout of "union blues" quilt, a small tumbler pattern and more thread.  also included a delish margo krager shirting, some teals from the winterthur collection and some judie rothermels too.   judging from her posts lately, guessing these donations haven't made a dent in her stash, nosiree!  i've been in her stash closet aka living room, so have seen her collection.  i love the word her hub has coined....fiber-myalgia....meaning it is painful to pass by gorgeous fabric....don't we all have that illness???  *** it's scraptastic tuesday and more 9-patch blocks are getting assembled.  next sewing will be more brackman stars....lapis, indigo and one gnarled branches block from a couple of weeks ago.  and the mess on my sewing table?  that comes'll give phoebe a break before we play again!