Wednesday, July 29, 2015


today's short stack....

had to channel my inner civil war woman while making the green/red block....the green was a gift but alas!  not quite big enough for all block pieces....what would civil war woman do?  run to the nearest shop and buy more?  choose another fabric?  i think she would have dug into her stash and pulled out something that would complement the green chintz, which is a stunning print i think.  no way was this little piece getting left behind for some other scrappy the beginning of my quilty life, it's true that yardage was what came home with me; matchy-matchy was my BFF....but now that i have left the dark side (almost) and come into the light of serendipity scrap sewing, would rather shop my own stash first if possible and improvise if need be.  it's actually more fun, too!   ***   summer heat is on here like in most of the country.   we are only a few hours away from dog days of august.  in a couple of weeks it will actually begin to feel a bit like fall with cooler/drier days here and there.  hot days won't be gone completely, but the tilt will be noticeable.  but now it's a few errands and back to phoebe...summer sampler blocks await.   and this week's star print? oh lapis blue, where are you?  

Monday, July 27, 2015

a plan!

been working on these little bow tie blocks for some time now, originally started to use up scraps  (i hear that snickering....) but as often happens, probably have MORE solids now than when i started.  as i've been sewing them up, wondering how to actually use them in one or more projects and have finally formulated a plan.  first, will sew them together in blocks of 25 ties; then set them off with 2" sashing...probably charcoal or black....with scrappy solid 4-patch corner squares(or maybe little bow tie blocks?)...can you picture it?  will need 300 little bow tie blocks....most of which are in a box someplace, so for now will only sew rows together to get a good mix later.  have sketched it out and put the paper in the busy box as inspiration.  anxious to see the flimsy together which'll happen once all blocks are in one place...LOL!  feeling relieved now that there is a plan in place.  they are still homeless like me for now, but soon we'll be together.....won't that be fun?  **** now there are 10, meaning while i had 6 blocks to catch up for the summer sampler, 4 more posted today makes it 10.  this must be my task this week, to get all or most of these done.  have roughed out diagrams and written down how many of what size/color to cut for the will tackle the 4 new ones from today.  already have my fabrics together--reds, golds and some kona snow--will make a good project for later in the week when triple-H weather arrives--hazy/hot/humid.  another plan!  what are YOUR plans for today/this week?

Friday, July 24, 2015

more stars...

finally done are paisleys (bottom row), california golds (top right), one quercitron (middle), one pillar.....2 more pillar are ready to sew, one gnarled branches to be cut/sewn....after these are done, it's finish up chintz blocks (already to sew) and cut/sew indigos....that'll get me just about current with the exception of a couple of chrome yellow and poison greens, plus the conversation prints.  those fabrics i know are in my boxed-up stash so holding off for the unpacking.   hoping to devote a whole day next week to the summer sampler and get that current as well....won't be as daunting a task as the blocks are smaller and fabrics all on hand.  *** not sure about you but am thinking will have enough of the brackman stars for maybe 2 looking at a few different settings for next year when they are all done.   ***  it's been cool here past few days, probably due to overcast skies....heat is coming next week so will be hanging out near a/c and sewing probably.   other than this, not much shaking....midsummer calm scrappy sewing.....blissful and rejuvenating all at the same time....enjoy the day!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


for the unenlightened, that is Works in Progress....still playing in the stash here at temporary headquarters.  summer rolls on, although so far no stretch of real hot weather.  nights have been mostly cool at 50-60 or so; days around 75 or so with only one that came close to 90 so far.  this is what is under phoebe's needle currently...

the little applique heart block was sent to me and decided to make a small wallhanging from it using scraps (? what else) isn't quite finished but will hopefully get to the flimsy stage seemed a little wonky to me so used the serpentine print to mask any imperfections;  the photo was taken with it on an uneven surface so that doesn't help either.  

had a few selvedges lying around and am using them for some future potholders.  always nice to start in a new place with new potholders.  these 2, plus stars and summer sampler blocks PLUS some little 4-patch solid squares as leader/enders are stacked on the sewing table right now.  so blessed to have a sewing space.....keep calm and quilt on!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

it's THAT time again....

course, it seems nearly EVERY day is a scrappy one for me....playing in the scraps keeps me busy and off the 10 most wanted list don't ya, decided to *TRY* and bust more of my wonderful scrap stash with a cute little handwork project, portable to take along while waiting or whiling away the summery days.   bottom photo is just a tryout layout shot, so might change.  cute little hearts appliqued onto shirting background.  the background squares were in that $2 bundle from the thrift and the hearts were anonymously gifted.  it'll be a cute small quilt when finished.

only 10 days to august; another birthday month has just about rolled around again.  you can probably guess what gift is at the top of my senior apartment!  wouldn't it be spectacular to be able to spend my birthday unpacking and getting settled in my new digs AND celebrating with my daughter and her hub too?  priceless.....we could go to chick-fil-a!   lol.....

Monday, July 20, 2015

a perfect sewing storm!

in the book, 3 weather systems merged to create the perfect storm...a terrific book and yummy movie (george clooney, remember?)....and so sunday was the perfect storm of sewing for me..even phoebe was nearly smoking, i tell ya!  had to give her time to cool down and get out the oil...and here are some photos to prove it. 

first up some little inchie blocks made of solids....solids make me swooooon!  aren't they cute?  i have more in the storage stuff and these will make a nice border at some point i think....

next, more summer sampler blocks...i didn't do all of these on sunday but they look nice together and i am "almost" caught up with this sew along....until today that is...

last but not least, some scrappy 9-patch blocks from a giveaway stash....i love them...not complicated but i have a nice setting planned and they will make a nice repro quilt for me or somebody at some point...also in the top photo you can see more stars blocks cut out, so am slowly getting up to speed with this sew along as well.   **** as a last comment, wish to thank all who have sent me fabric; the top and bottom photos are made from these lovely gifts...cannot tell you how far they have gone to boost my spirit and jump start my quilty mojo.   you can be certain it will get paid forward whenever the need arises.  oh, and i have another project started too, a bonnie hunter pattern called 4-patch and furrows....will post a photo when blocks are well under way...and if you think all i've been doing is sewing, take a to see all the pretty colored umbrellas!

oohh, phoebe's calling....gotta go!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

more star fun!

still catching up on are the woven plaids...ooh i love plaids!  plus 2 more little squares for the summer sampler.  plus have lots more squares cut for the scrappy 9-patches too.  being able to play in the stash has been a real boost to my mood and greatly increased my ability to carry on.  quilting truly is therapy!  that's not to discount the benefits of regular, adequate sleep!  and thanks to the generosity of another quilter, will be able to play even more....a surprise package arrived yesterday with a huge scrappy selection for future sewing pleasure.  i'll be sharing some of this with other quilters, of course, and paying it forward whenever possible.  it humbles me to be part of a community of sewists with such varied interests but similar in our regard for one another.  time's a wasting so it's back to playtime!     

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

scraptastic tuesday!

after a quick laundromat run this morning, got down to important stuff like catching up on blog reading and uploading photos...LOL!   over at mrs sew and sow's blog she features "scraptastic tuesday" which is perfect for this photo, some nice little 9-patch blocks made with some giveaway scraps.  simple but very vintage looking, i think.  had toyed with the idea of tackling a much more complicated project, but with current flux status, thought i should stick to something less intense.  and here is the photo of the rest of the star blocks that got made over the past few days...

these are my first set of chintz others in the works.  *** a few household type tasks are on deck for this afternoon, then it's more scrappy sewing watching netflix or acorntv, which has all those british drama/mysteries usually borrowed from the library or seen on pbs.  nice to have reached a plateau of some comfort and anxious for an apartment and unpacking all those boxes...LOL!

Monday, July 13, 2015

trying to catch up

though still lagging behind on both sew-alongs, have made some photo are little blocks for the summer sampler sew-along and bottom photo is a stack of stars for the barbara brackman sew-along...i have one more photo to tweak the color on and then i can post.  having so much fun with both of these, though i must say the little blocks are getting sewn up quite quickly once pieces are cut.  it's also the easier as the fabrics are on hand whereas barbara brackman chooses fabrics that are not always in my stash and have to hunt for them.  both are providing some diversion and enjoyment and that's all that matters i guess....of course, stash is getting used albeit not too much.   tonight after work started on another project using some giveaway stash recently acquired.  it's mostly civil war stuff and will make a fun project that isn't requiring any taxing math on my part.  ***  appreciate all the kind comments on recent posts about my new digs.  they are appreciated a whole lot; some of you who comment i know personally, but all kind words are equally welcome.  *** was up early this AM as it was a work day so eyelids are beginning to droop a bit.  as scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day"  and i'll add "to play in the stash"!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

sunday morning shopping

here in my temporary quarters there is a shelf unit and so all the stash from the car was neatly piled here for easy selection.   it's sooo fun shopping from my own stash now that i can actually see it all.  it'll be totally awesome when all of it is in the same place, once "the call" comes for housing.  then, of course, it'll be sorted by color, designer and type.  and the plaid in the left corner?  it was a freebie pair of shorts at a leftovers yard sale that got scooped up, washed and deconstructed.  *** this morning sitting in front of an open window with a gentle, warm breeze listening to soothing sacred music with birds chirping happily in the background.  it's bonding time with phoebe working on summer sampler blocks, of which are nearly current.  actually found myself singing along with the music and realized that awful weariness had dissipated, thanks to having an actual place to sleep, a handy bathroom etc., even if only short term.  it makes me ever mindful of those who are still without such riches.  not having to daily dive into various bags for clean underwear is priceless...really.   thanks be to God for blessings in my life today; may He bestow the same wherever you are today.