Friday, April 29, 2016


just early this morning, took the very last stitch in this quilt.  so happy to see it finished. now for washing and it'll be ready to use....busted 11.5 yards of fabric on this....

and, as predicted, it isn't perfect.  the pattern got basted down on a banquet table and one corner is a tad off but am not disappointed or sad.  i loved making this quilt from the very first stitch and it'll be one of my heirloom quilts that i'll keep forever....just try hawaiian quilting if you haven' is so relaxing and rewarding.   and to keep the momentum going, immediately put this little quilt in my frame and started the'll be a quick finish.  tackling the UFO list with a vengeance here at photos soooon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

doll quilt swap

from danice, this lovely little doll quilt that is just right to cover trudy and keep her dust free!  danice also included this personalized pinkeep and a handkerchief/church doll that she made....handmade gifts are so wonderful, don't you think? 

it's another gorgeous day here....breezy and warm and sunny oh my!   almost done with hawaiian binding, also working on a table runner pattern i recently found.  the only glitch in having my own apartment that i can see is now i have to do housework!!!  yes, laundry and dishes came first today....isn't that revolting?  fortunately free lunch today at senior center so no dishes there...sewed on another sleeve for a wallhanging that is going up over the treadle and got my flannel design wall also washed.  by next week should be ready for the big reveal.....the shelving unit is together but alas, does not hold ALL my fabric, about 2/3rds i would say....a few color families are left on the floor but now have handle on how much there is and what can be done to use it up.   what a lovely task!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

thank you jan patek!

a recent giveaway on jan patek's blog was this adorable pillow kit...lucky, lucky me! i adore her patterns and have the christmas nativity one waiting....a couple of years ago, won a FQ bundle of jan's fabrics from cyndi at busy thimble that i've been saving for just such a project. this kit, though, has everything, including the backing fabric.  poor jan and her staff were ill and then i moved, so it took a while to arrive but so worth the wait!

can't wait to get started on it, but first the hawaiian needs to be done. binding is getting sewn down so another few days should find it officially OFF the UFO list!   cannot recall exactly when it was started but has to have been 3-4 years ago anyway.  might even get another small project done this week too!  *** in the meantime, things are getting to be normal here in maryland.  been hanging photos and wallhangings this weekend.  the shelves have arrived for the fabric, so that is next on the agenda.  DD came for a visit so my hug tank is full for now.  busy week upcoming with a few fun and FREE things to do since the budget is on life support.  am blessed to have enough food and shelter and fabric! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

the studio is open!

at last, 8 days after landing, the final box is in the recycling dumpster and *MOST* everything has found a home.  sadly, the bulletin board was DOA but a replacement will be made at some point.  clothes are clean, folded/hung and in the closet....and yes i have plenty of sox again!  printer arrived with toner intact--after a year in storage i was impressed!   FWS foundations were printed and managed 2 block finishes yesterday....Left to right, Em (for misery no doubt) and Fanny for your viewing pleasure!

and it WAS a monumental task, all that unpacking, left to be done are things to hang on the wall and find more places to display quilty items.   big thank you to Marge at Delaware Quilters...this little tool was invaluable in my success!

this is the flathead side, the other is phillips....the larder is next on the list.  some of my herbs replaced but all other staples still waiting.  once the bookcase is arrived and organized, will post the formal photos of the new studio....sometime next week....until then keep calm and quilt on!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


add 2 more UFOs to the list....these were lurking in the bowels of a box among scraps don't ya know....

the snowman candle mat and these batik scrap star hexagons....getting put aside while the binding on the hawaiian continues.....and it's summer here in maryland!   84 yesterday and 80 today....they call it spring but in maine it doesn't get this warm until late june or july....the gals at the complex tell me to wait a bit, summer will come.   ***  the old viking is set up and was so fun this morning right after breakfast to sit and sew a bit....the transition has been smooth as silk and almost everything has a place now.   trudy is still waiting for her belt, then all the sewing gals will be mrs. goodneedle always says "life is good"!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

making progress???

already feeling overwhelmed, quilt project wise....ok far left is a stack of yardage for backgrounds and some garments, clear bag is muslin/white scraps, green bag is batting scraps, middle pile is basted items, far right is flimsies, and lastly the print bag holds large muslin and white backings....tired yet?  I sure am!  and by special request, am showing again the milky masquerade flimsy aka sparkle pattern...

still putting things away and trying not to think about the UFOs calling my name...and yesterday took a break and watched "Brooklyn" while quilting on the Hawaiian, which is just about ready for its binding....april finish maybe?  I hope so.....

Friday, April 15, 2016

unpacked but....

this was taken with flash but there is no lamp in that room yet....well, there is a lamp but no bulb...but this will give you an idea of how the stash organizing is coming along.   yes, those are PILES of fabric but really, looks like a lot more in this photo.  the reason it is just tossed about is that a lot of fabric was used as packing material, and so to get at other stuff, just flung the fabric aside for the time being.  a bookcase will arrive next week to get it off the floor.  actually, for 3 days out, the apartment is looking pretty good...the kitchen is almost all done, 2 of the sewing shelves are done and the cedar chest is now packed with its usual stuff.  still a lot piled around for which am slowly finding spaces.  first up had to assemble the elfa drawers, then the other set where my UFOs reside and get the antique sewing table up that is currently being used as a desk.  printer is functional (no internet yet), drawers are full.  surprised that toner cartridges were not completely dried.   found 3 packages of computer paper, 2 of carol doak's foundation PLUS the ream from amazon.  clothing is mostly in the closet now and nice to have something other than fleece pants to wear.  my 2 pairs of sox that have worn over the past year are getting a much-needed break!  Tuesday night after movers left and I had spent the day unpacking, slept an incredible 10.5 hours without waking at all!  that is unheard of for me.  last night another 9 hours, a testament to how exhausting this process has been.  even so, thrilled to be here and to have an apartment in such a lovely place.   ***  today's quest is to find a source for herbs by the ounce.  usually whole foods or organic markets sell them and my collection that was in storage for an entire year are gonzo.  ***  lastly let me sing the praises of Allen & Coles moving company out of Portland, Maine.  everything--and I mean EVERYTHING--arrived in tip top shape save for one shelf of an old side table that is easily repaired and the plastic cover to a stoneware pie plate that cracked.  it is only used in the refrigerator so some wide clear tape fixed it good as new.   things that were old and fragile and of huge sentimental value all arrived in pre-move condition.    

Thursday, April 7, 2016

up to date...almost....

with the farmer's wife sew along now that these are done...

finally got the papers all out of these blocks, each with lots of little pieces.  been working on the 365 as well as currently about 2 wks behind on those blocks...but have cut the pieces and once i sit down and sew for a bit, will be caught up as they work up fairly quickly.   busy with settling in issues and finding my way...thank you mapquest!  making lists of where to go once all the unpacking is done, which is still on hold for the van to arrive.  while i love having a professional mover, working within their timetable is simply awful.  and one of the places i found first was this....yep, all-time favorite chicken place.  the day i visited it was school vacation and the restaurant, parking lot and drive-thru were all mobbed. 

this town is so quaint and historical.  the downtown area is chock full of little brick rowhouses that must date back at least 200 years, plus 2 huge park areas, a modern library, an arts center, and plenty of unique stores.  it is so easy (relatively) to find one's way despite the glut of one-way streets and alleys that also surely date back to colonial times.  and francis scott key, the author of our national anthem?  he would be glad to know they have named a mall after him...LOL!  ***  still hugely sleep deprived due to my non-bunk while waiting for furniture.  caffeine only works so long and then it's nap time again.  ***  senior center quilting this morning despite pouring rain.  phoebe and i ventured out with the 365 blocks for some quilty sharing....but no chocolate (hear that vic?)!   then home--love that word home--for a quick lunch and a few errands.  did i mention i really love it here? 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

secret sewing

signed up for doll quilt swap and that is what is currently on board, that plus catching up on farmer's wife...yesterday made 4 blocks in 4 hours and have only 2 more to go.  as for 365, well that is another story.   about 10 days behind on that one, but it's a matter of spending a few hours to get for life in maryland, am loving it!  hoping this is the week of the van's still giddy as a school girl at having my own apartment.  at night just sit and look around, placing things and thinking about how it will look.  have connected with a church very close by as well.  mail is arriving in my mailbox, so guess that means i'm sorta settled.  the craft room is being well used by me, as i can sit and sew, spread my stuff out and watch TV as well...hoping to have photos tomorrow of my blocks.  maybe will get some 365 done today as is cooler and windy and wild.  had to actually wear my wool hat and jacket this morning.  am told this will change soon, tho.   now off to spend the day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

surprise finish...

the little wallhanging found in a box used as packing material is now done, washed and ready to hang on my apartment door....

colors are a bit brighter than actual due to sunlight pouring in but it's a keeper for now...has to be 3-4 years old anyway due to that's 2 projects this month that are finished and with the moving van coming within the week, all my UFOs will be in plain sight to nudge me on to more finishes...not much doing until then.  another gorgeous day for finding my way around and picking up few foodstuffs.  went in to my new bank and the woman told me about a terrific greek restaurant close by....mmmm greek salad, i am ready for that!   still flying high on having an apartment with my own bathroom, kitchen and sewing studio.  have diagram all ready for when stuff arrives so can get up to speed on sew alongs ASAP....wishing you all the very best day!