Wednesday, July 23, 2014

buying time

this is a quilt i made for my dad back in the 1980s......a hand pieced and hand quilted drunkard's path variation.  it has seen better days and plenty of use.  are the patches fraying? not at all, but the binding, which i did by turning the back to the front, has frayed.  with still some useful years left, my task now is to add a new, sturdier binding until it breathes its last.  repairing old quilts is not nearly as much fun as making new ones, but can't quite part with this one yet.  ****  all the baby quilt squares are cut and ready to assemble.  first, though, must finish the cabana daydreams flimsy.  ****  summer continues with plenty of fun inside and outside left to enjoy! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

eye candy male, er mail

yesterday's post included this....the calendar from sisters' quilt show!  it had been ordered some time ago and has been anticipated ever since.  well worth the wait too i can tell you.  aside from the "scenery" the quilts are gorgeous, inspirational and downright beautiful.  now i need a nice new sewing space fit for these hunks....LOL

Monday, July 21, 2014

2nd july finish

another UFO has bitten the dust, albeit a small one with hardly any stash busted.  adding this to my collection of little quilts that will be displayed at some point.  and guess what, can't even see that ugly fabric she pawned off on me because it really isn't thank you!  *** the just takes 2 has been washed and need to go back and repair a couple of spots, which i expected might happen.  no biggie....and the deck is cleared for cabana daydreams flimsy finish, my next project focus.  first up is to finish a little swap project, then the baby quilt for august machine project, the hawaiian for handwork.  before any of this can get tackled, the sewing table must be cleared off.  ****  hard to believe summer is 2/3 gone because even though we get wonderful summer weather in september, our minds tell us it's really fall.  for now, going to try enjoy every summer day possible.  now time to play!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

looks who's here!

today the old viking came out to play!  recently i had read on the vintage machine site about the problems with this model and recalled my repairman telling me to be sure and turn the dials every day to prevent them from seizing up....a broken camstack was fixed for that very reason.  while i was homeless, the machine was in cold storage, the most likely cause of the broken part.  so, today i pulled it out and did some mending with the zig-zag and promptly cut up some fabric for a baby boy quilt, threaded 'er up and she is ready to roll.  though she isn't in pristine condition, for 35 years old she still runs like new and has traveled many miles, not the least of which was the horrid time in storage.   my magnetic poetry adorns her for inspiration.   if you can't read it, it says (from top to bottom) still sweet friend and gorgeous apparatus always"  and then "winter sings as tiny bitter diamonds".   **** had to make a marden's run for an upcoming block swap and was sorely tempted but was able to limit myself to 4.5 yards total, some of which is for some swaps and a piece for this baby quilt, so actual accumulation is very minor.  but oh the fun i could have much beautiful fabric that i scooted in and out quickly.  **** a gray and dreary day here so not a beach day, which is good.  many other little things that needed to be done.  now off to play!

Friday, July 18, 2014

in the frame!

this little quilt is more than half quilted now.  the border is a molly b rust print and the binding will be the same.  it is free form quilted of course.  it doesn't bust much stash but getting it done gets it OFF the UFO list for good.  now i just have to move on to the large tumbler top, which probably won't happen right away.  **** july is nearly history and august is for applique on the hawaiian.  i've also to finish up the last few rows of cabana daydreams flimsy.  *** had a string of gorgeous weather and beach days, so sewing has slowed down.  must drink up these wonderful weather days while they are here....february is a loooooong month!  ****  though i am anxious to move from this unpleasant complex, the reality is i've been mostly packed for about 6 months now and am needing some sewing things; confess i was not good at all about labeling most of the boxes.  am in a quandary about whether to unpack and reorganize the best i can or purchase what i know will be duplicates in fabric for upcoming projects.  the frugal me says to unpack, but difficult to give up on the need to vacate this terrible apartment situation.  time to make a pros/cons list and come to a solution.  in the meantime, will continue on status quo and enjoy summer!

Monday, July 14, 2014

monday design wall

up early this morning to finish this little quilt flimsy.  just have to add the borders, baste it and quilt and i'll have another UFO finish soon.  no doubt victoria will be pleased to see i have used the little template she gave me last year.  she and i are civil war fabric twins....if you look at her stash and at mine, they might look the same.  we love the same fabrics, she heavy on reds and me with blues.  her large tumbler quilts are done whereas i am languishing far behind.  ****  and how good is it to be able to sew first thing in the morning?  priceless!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

perfect storm sewing

when 3 elements collide, it's a perfect storm...we all saw that movie right?  sadly, george clooney wasn't one of those elements....but i digress.  there were those leftover daydreams scraps staring at me, then a dynamite project idea presented itself, and then there was time with phoebe and voila!  cabana chevrons!  aren't they cute?  yes, i think so too.  of course this is just the start; finish comes later...what else is new, but not too much later, i promise, and i'll show you all too.  **** meanwhile still basking in the glow of that big finish, thinking about summer being nearly at the halfway point, excited for plans for the remainder.  and lest you be worried, i have PLENTY more daydreams scraps to tantalize and tempt me for some other pretty little things to make.  those 2 layer cakes were a terrific investment, and anxious to see how many things i can make from them besides cabana daydreams.  ****  with these fabrics, my creative muse is veering off in a new direction of mod style quilting and fabrics.  i haven't abandoned my civil war fabric devotion, but i find myself drawn more and more to mod fabric designers and their wow colors.  it isn't the prints themselves but the glorious colors that make my muse's juices sizzle.  how about you?  has your quilty focus changed?  i'll be interested in your comments along that line.  ***** we did go to the beach today but it was quite windy and gray clouds were gathering, so instead headed for our favorite summer veggie stand and picked up our first fresh corn, cukes, peppers, summer squash, parsley and a fat tomato for the season.  the corn and cukes were delish and off to get out those summer veggie recipes!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

woo hoo!

this behemoth of a BOM is finally done!  the "just takes 2" got finished last evening during the 6:30 news and what a great feeling it was!  not to say i didn't enjoy this project; i did.  it was a real challenge for me to take on more complicated blocks than usual, but thought it would be off my UFO list much sooner than this.  even so, i am a process person and did enjoy the process, not to mention the freedom of free-form quilting each and every block differently, except the geese and checkerboard units--those were all quilted the same.  anyway, it needs its finish bath and measure to see how much yardage got busted and then it belongs to my mum....and on to the next UFO.  **** first up is to repair a quilt i had made for my dad in the 1980s, a scrappy drunkard's path that needs some repair and new binding.  the little tumbler quilt should be the next UFO finish and i think august will be devoted to the hawaiian to see if the applique can get finished; then september to finish another donation UFO. **** the JTT was the 3rd hand quilted quilt that got finished this year so far....not to shabby! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

come along.....

starts august 1, have corraled my fabrics for this one already and ALL are from the stash except the black print....good stashbusting here!  hop on over to marcus fabrics' facebook page and get all the down and dirty details....would love to have you on board. 

here is my stack for this project....

i may or may not swtich out the light print, first i have to find my light stash in a box someplace.  pretty sure that the "just takes 2" will be history long before this sew-along starts.  and today is the last day of my weekend, so off to play some more! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

won't be long now.....

until this lovely line of fabrics is available to add to MY stash....the FQ bundle is too pricey but there are a few prints i simply must get.  what minick & simpson did for red (midwinter reds, swoon) they have now done for blues/tans....i love them!  *** it's my weekend and spending time this morning working on the JTT, yes STILL!  beach weather was a detour from getting this off my UFO list, but temps have modulated and so back on track today.  *** also on the weekend list--aside from some mundane stuff--is to possibly unpack and assemble the storage drawers my sister gave me for christmas....after all it's july and about time too!  this is going to house my UFO projects now stored in shoeboxes, then the shoeboxes can be repurposed.  i am also thinking of getting a tall cabinet for my stash to sort by color, but that will wait until the move takes place.  i'll show the storage drawers once they are together.  *** i've started my lists for retreat, what to take etc. it's coming up fast...every beach day is a day closer.  for now, though, it's back to JTT!