Wednesday, October 29, 2014

isn't this cute!

several retreat gals are sporting this cute fabric box accessory, so tonight ann showed some of us how to make them.  i volunteered some of my new fabric....a la carte by american jane....and ended up with this little cutie!  endless possibilities for making these with regard to color choices and sizes. 

and this is my little batik project....this pattern is called "hexie stars" and it can be found at quilterscache website run by marcia hohn.  i'm calling mine "aurora borealis" as the batiks are bright jewel tones (mostly) and will be wallhanging size.  only 2 more stars to make then it's on to project #4.   **** a bit cooler here today but no matter, retreat fun isn't contingent on outside temps...and why oh why is it wednesday already?????

my view at amishview

this is the view outside my room at retreat.  a view like this isn't required for retreat fun, but it sure does up the ambiance factor 100 fold.  it was instant relief to finally get off the interstate and spy these pastoral vistas of endless fields and barns.  my reservation for next year is already made! *** got quite a bit of sewing done yesterday.  it was a gorgeous day, temps in the 70s.  i brought 4 sewing projects with me.  the blocks i was working on at the motel are done as far as they can be.  then the amish ocean waves is also done as far as it can be as well....ran out of triangles.  now i am sewing up batik scraps on a new piece i'll show you later.  that leaves one project to do after this and with 3+ days left, should get most of that done as well.  *** yes it was 70s yesterday, today 60s, tomorrow 50s and then in the 40s for the weekend.  i brought shorts, fleece pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts so i am ready for the fluctuation in temps.  now back to sewing....

Monday, October 27, 2014

birthday boy...

if you see this guy today, give him a birthday hug for's brother #2...he was about age 2 or so in this photo...white blonde hair until he got older, constantly in motion and busy and sometimes feisty...but a cutie and special to us.  happy birthday bro!

and since i am on the road, decided to emulate one of my quilty mentors and plus phoebe in for some motel sewing.  got some blocks done for another whenever project....scraps repurposed...while watching PBS.  today the real fun begins when i meet up with the gals at good is that?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

mailbox surprise

oohh squeal!  these arrived in my mailbox yesterday.....a thank you gift that was totally unnecessary but a very generous gesture.  it was for a deed that anyone would have done; i'm not special by any means.  i have a project planned for kaffe fassett goodies and these will be ideal.  i am very thankful for this over-the-top gift.  ***  the day has arrived and the car is getting packed up today for what i hope will be a perfect vacation.  quilting, friends, fun, family.....can't get much better than that!  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

another finish...

so here is "corn maze" all tied and done, ready to give away.  this represents 10+ yards out of my stash and another UFO off my list.  i love this pattern.  while i was making this quilt, was thinking of all the color combos that could be used to make more, equally stunning.  some nickel squares, some 2.5" strips and a whole lot of 1.5" strips and voila!  with the right colors it makes a real statement.  *** departure day tomorrow and just as promised, sun is out and shining bright, albeit cool but normal for late autumn.  the to-do list is nearly history and 2 weeks of fun ahead.   i love vacations!

Friday, October 24, 2014


had a bit of free amazon cash to spend and so i ordered these, what i thought was one yard of each...mod-ish christmas prints from michael miller but guess what!  there was a tag on the trees fabric and an extra 14" added to my said, jackpot you got the end of the bolt!  i am thinking tree skirt from these and a few others.  the other print is called "nordic christmas" and i just love the bright colors. i have a celery solid fabric that will go nicely i do believe.   **** after a very stormy week, spied a tiny patch of blue sky near the horizon today....could be we will see the sun very soon....tomorrow so the weather guru says.  looks like traveling weather for sunday will be nice as well.  ****  the donation quilt "corn maze" is just about ready for the washer.  the suitcase is out, the sewing space is tidied, laundry is done and most everything is ready.  ***  christmas will be here before can even hardly plan for it...have you started shopping?  i have one gift already and working on my list.  as long as it doesn't snow.....if only (sigh)...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

gloria gaynor not!

this amusing little quilt had me humming that 80s disco song with images of a mirror ball and the hustle except this quilter, cyndi zoller, was portraying another kind of night life, one where she likes to go to sleep early.   it was a ribbon winner and rightly so.  victoria has some other photos of this nice show, different than mine, so be sure and check them out.  *** my sewing time is now focused on sewing on the binding of my scrappy donation quilt which i've named "corn maze", hoping for a finish in the next couple of days.  today is a day off for me and it's filled with errands and tasks getting ready for retreat.  it's been rainy and windy all week but looks like the skies will clear in time for departure.   a whole year wait is almost over.  am thinking about maybe doing the spring retreat, since it's an awfully long time between quilty R and R....will see what mr. bank balance says about it....LOL

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

another show fave....

this one is titled "family tree" and i am guessing these are grandchildren (?).....faces colored with colored pencils looking so life like....climbing in a tree.....stunning effect.  made by betty jo quinn.  *** cool weather is back and here to stay, so the weatherman says.  november is around the corner and it could snow any time, though most years holds off until at least thanksgiving.  many in maine dread the winter but few actually flee, the rest preferring to remain and complain.  as for me, most of my stuff is packed and i'd be happy to leave maine anytime...

Monday, October 20, 2014

another prize winner....

was this blue and white beauty by anna bullard....beautifully machine quilted by linda bevins....what is better than a blue and white?  not a thing, in my book was my favorite for people's choice....and no show is complete without
fabric, what else?  i didn't buy these, they were gifted to me by victoria...we are both 12-step flunkies as far as fabric is concerned....a beautiful paisley and a rust AND 2 gorgeous autumn fabric charm packs....i just started a project with the jelly roll she gave me last summer, and as luck would have it, an autumn fabric quilt is swirling around in the gray matter was ESP!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

best of show...

went to the cocheco show in rochester, nh today...first thing i saw when entering the room was this....
it's orange!   oooh, the book and scraps for MY orange are packed away, but apparently i am not the only one who loves this color!  the whole quilt and then a block closeup...see those strippy triangles?  a bonnie follower...whaddya think?

but then i saw this....the back!
it's an orange masterpiece!