Friday, August 29, 2014

the past lives on.....

on a lark, went to google this morning to look up the previous owner of my antique sewing table.  it belonged to my ex-husband's grandmother, lila, and was given to me by my ex-father-in-law on the death of his wife, lila's daughter, maud erminie.  this is what i found.  top photo is lila at age 9 in 1886 and bottom photo is lila and her daughter, willena.  the spooky thing is, the top photo is a close resemblance to my own daughter, miss B.   also of interest, when i was married to miss B's father, his aunt, willena (above left) gifted me with a box of fabric scraps, patterns and patchwork pieces that belonged to lila, most of which i used to fix/create some vintage things.  and no, miss B did NOT inherit the (ahem) large nose, though she thinks hers is too large.  could have been worse, my dear!  anyway, i think lila would be happy to know her sewing table and scraps have been put to use....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

shameless promotion

have officially arrived on the cusp of the 3rd act of my life.  hoping all i have experienced and learned thus far will stand me in good stead, and that God will allow me many more days here with my dear family.  it's the big 65, retirement age for some but not me.  i don't feel 65, hoping i don't LOOK 65 either.  when my grandmother was 65 she wore hairnets, had white hair, took daily afternoon naps and wore clunky, laced, thick-heel orthopedic shoes.  the naps i understand as i often don't sleep long enough or get up very early, but the other stuff is totally foreign to me.  and what might a maine girl have to celebrate her birthday?  you guessed it....lobster!

these just came out of the pot and are begging to be tasted, so one must bear up!  LOL...have a wonderful day, even if it isn't YOUR birthday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

you probably don't....

EVER buy fabric that you just love without any idea at all how to use it, but confess that i do.  case in point, this piece....a half yard.  pretty colors, nice jacobean-esque print and outlined in called to me like a siren song and i caved.  i was playing in the stash the other day and came across it again, still loving it and thinking i should pull some fabics that "go" with it and think of a project, or at least cut off some strips to include in some scrappy projects going on right now.  but time was short and i just left it in the stash for another time.  i felt quite rich indeed with my stash and all the colors and patterns.  much like a fingerprint, it's mine alone, a collection born out of things i chose, others that were gifted....i can't wait to see it all neatly stacked in a cabinet like fine wines to inspire me and bring those project ideas swirling around in my head to life.  making my fingers itch already! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

M is for....

monday and mending too!  exercised my frugal gene and did some much needed repairs on not only some "unmentionables" but also an old drunkard's path quilt i made in the 1980s.  for this i had to fire up the old viking and her super zig-zag stitch.  now, i love phoebe and her perfect little stitch but she does have limitations, first of which is the sheer weight of the machine.  when i sew super fast on phoebe it feels like sometime she might just fly off the table, but not with the old viking.  this ultra-heavy, solid steel plaything is no lightweight at all.  she and trudy were constructed to last a lifetime and it may well be several before either gives up the ghost.   trudy and her treadle trappings were not meant to move around at all, and even though the old viking is considered a portable machine, one wouldn't want to carry her very far at all.  whereas phoebe, the little darling, is able to move anywhere quite easily.   so it seems i have the best of all machine possibilities, doesn't it?  **** summer is BACK!  i predict some beach time this week, at least 2 days and what better way to herald retirement age than lounging in the sand and playing in the time to check the list!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

birthday goodies!

after a long 8 hours at work on saturday, arrived back at the dungeon to find some birthday goodies in the mail.  first, from my dear kiddos these birthstone earrings PLUS a magazine subscription...aren't they lovely?  i think so too and will be wearing them on my birthday for sure.  next up is a squishie from vic in NH....and she made an adorable little repro quilt for me plus some gorgeous fabric to fondle.  we love the same fabrics so it's easy to find ones we both love....these will get popped into the washer today.

as for us in maine, we are still chilly at a brisk 53 degrees here this morning.   i have heard summer is coming back this week for a few days, so hoping there are more beach days in our future before fall arrives permanently.  *** busy making lists for fall retreat and planning which projects to take.  oh, almost forgot, one more birthday surprise to show....

a pair of karen kay buckley serrated scissors for precision fabric cutting....i had a small pair that evaporated somewhere which were super for applique, so i replaced them.  ***  my sunday to-do list is made and hoping to get a few things finished so can continue on busting stash!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

up to date!

yep, the block for week #4 is done so i am current with this sew-along.  this is very good indeed.  i've also been doing some secret sewing, which i will be able to share very soon.  plus the hawaiian...despite working on it nearly all month, i am only about half done with the third quarter of getting the top basted.  i may just continue on with it, hoping it's ready to baste by the end of the year....maybe?   ****  we are in a cool spell here, this morning was 59 and has now climbed up to 61.  fans and a/c units are off, and i'm actually wearing sweat pants today.  **** it has been a tough week overall but not so tough it couldn't be tamed.  still suffering negative effects of an unnecessary surgery in 2010, which cannot fix itself.  but finding a provider who will facilitate this here in maine is nearly impossible.  until then will hobble along and be grateful it isn't worse. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

then there were 3....

week 3 of the marcus bros sew-along and voila, 3 blocks done!  have even amazed myself with the way keeping up with this short-term quilty event.  getting plenty of applique done on the hawaiian too, but still a ways to go.  here is a photo of the 3 blocks together...this is gonna be a cute little quilt i think!

a gray and fallishly cool day here in maine....summer will be back later this week but for today the slate is clean and just planning on doing some sewing  and relaxing.   ***  the lexington stash is all washed and dried and ready to use.  think i'm gonna just look at it for a while and enjoy...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

throwback thursday

heh, heh, heh, me and the older brother one christmas, circa aunt used to love putting angel hair on the christmas tree..i always loved the way the colored lights would shine through it...pure magic!  and curls by tonette too!  another cool summer day here, sooo comfortable and ideal for doing anything.  well, some chores done, now to dress and get sewing! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

B minus 2 weeks

birthday two weeks from today but this early bird gift came lexington prints!  i chose 12 of my favorites but in truth, i love them all.  what's not to like!  pair these with some midwinter reds and zowie.....a simply gorgeous quilt or anything for that matter.  for many years i've been wanting to make a jack's chain quilt and these will be perfect!  and those nice hancock's people put in a color flyer for luscious batiks and kaffe fassett fabrics, so very sweet of them.  oohhh these are truly gorgeous prints and colors.  i might just have to fondle them a while before cutting into them.  let the celebrating begin!

Monday, August 11, 2014

no wonder....

ok, so i made the "cabana daydreams" flimsy, then i made another small project (can't show now) and then i made these 2 potholders, the top one is done and has crazy patches on the back--same fabric scraps--and have i used up the entire 2 layer cakes yet?  no way!  so, no wonder i have a humongous amount of scraps left over from other projects.  once i piece another crazy back for the 2nd potholder, i am going to use the rest to cut inchies and make more of these little 9 patches....aren't they adorable?  this fabric line is sooo pretty, just right for spring and summer.  and the potholders will brighten up the kitchen come winter and much shorter days.  **** bonnie hunter is going to tuscany next spring.  i am toying with the idea of going on this tour.  i have always wanted to see italy.  true, i don't care much for flying long distances, would have to get in better shape for walking and sightseeing and would have to go into mega-scrimping mode, but still am thinking about it.  she flies all over all the time without any serious mishap, so chances are would make it to and from alive, but not sure can muster the courage.  it's a daydream all on its own!  ****  bit chilly in these parts this morning, 58 degrees, which is more like fall but won't last....summer is coming back soon with a vengeance, meaning beach and swim days galore!  now for more playtime with phoebe!